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Danorlagh Energy Systems Ltd was incorporated in January 2019, however whilst we are a young company, we are certainly not new to solar! In fact, due to the experience gained by our Directors in their lives before Danorlagh, we’re probably one of the most experienced installers of PV Solar Energy systems in the country right now.

It is this experience gained over 20 years of being in the alternative energy industry, and 10 years of PV Solar in the established UK market, that puts us in such a valuable position. Every other installer in Ireland is literally just beginning to learn the things we learned over 10 years ago! So if you are looking for the piece of mind that only experience can provide, look no further than Danorlagh Energy Systems. 

Dan Andrews - Danorlagh Solar Energy Systems | Solar Panels

Dan Andrews

Dan joined the solar industry in 1999. In the 20 years that followed he has been responsible for more than 20,000 solar energy systems across the Republic of Ireland and the UK, he has built three multi-million turnover renewable energy companies during that time.

He first brought his knowledge and experience to Ireland in 2008 whereupon he led the creation of what has since become the largest installer of Solar Energy Systems in the country.

Today he brings all of that knowledge and experience together to provide the Irish solar industry, which is currently in its infancy, with much needed peace of mind that only experience can provide. Dan’s objective is for Danorlagh Energy Systems to become the benchmark by which all others are measured.

Orla Carey - Danorlagh Solar Energy Systems | Solar Panels

Orla Carey

Orla joined the solar industry in 2008. As one of Ireland’s original solar industry founder members the knowledge that Orla has acquired over the past 10 years enables her to understand and meet the needs of the growing renewable energy sector.

Orla is a very process focused individual who has a clear vision of the direction of where Danorlagh Energy Systems are heading.

Orla is responsible for implementing systems and processes within the organisation that enable the company to deliver a reliable, dependable service, first time, every time. Orla’s vision for the company is to become market leaders and a trusted house hold brand.

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